About Wondor

El Paso, Texas-based Wondor is rooted in the idea that cross-cultural collaboration offers fertile grounds for the creation of unique garments and goods. From the start, we focused on building bridges between people from different walks of life. As a result, our products are a one-of-a-kind mixture of the traditional and the contemporary.

Wondor looks to redefine luxury as that which takes time, love and craftsmanship to make. Each garment is hand-made by artisans from native communities in Mexico. The designs trace their lineages back to Precolombian times, so that the women making Wondor goods today draw their inspiration from the long-running traditions of their ancestors. For this reason, each product is truly bespoke, and each bears its own intimate imprint: A signature from the artisan who made it.

At the same time, we live in an ever-shifting, ever-more-connected world. Wondor believes in the dynamism of cultures and that modernity and tradition have much to teach each other. This is why each item in the line represents a blending of the new with the old. Informed by the past, Wondor situates itself in the futureā€”in the vanguard of fashion.

The Wondor Team

J.W. Rogers, Founder

Carolina Franco, CEO and Creative Director

Casandra Salas-Porras, Brand Management / Relations

Celeste Madrid, Head of Production / Pattern Maker

Adrian Correa, Head of Design

Jerry Caro, Sample Maker